Who says being a card collector is easy? As simple and boring as it might seem to many people, in reality, it’s a real challenge just like playing sport or doing math subjects. In order to be a real TCG player, the most satisfying, yet annoying factor that makes it stand out from other categories is its time consumption.

The card-protecting procedure takes a long time and frequent habit to be done. But did you know what comes after protecting a rare card from being ruined? It’s cleaning it. TCGs are somewhat vulnerable items that even just a small flick could cause you to pay an expensive price to recover them (Certainly, if you’re a true collector yourself or simply just an enthusiast of this industry, you definitely know how much a rare card could be priced, and no one would ever want to lose such huge amount money like that).

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Both protecting and cleaning cards altogether have already made it a double time-consuming hobby, or with most other collectors, a career that requires perseverance, hard work, and dedication to conquer such. Moreover, these are the 2 most important criteria that make every card collector a successful entrepreneur if they ever look forward to being a legit collector in the market.

What is it right when saying all card collectors know the right way to carefully take care of their cards? Because from what I have seen from a couple of collectors around, they mess up many times when freshening out their deck of cards and eventually, the mistake leads to creating a flaw on the card. In many cases, the situation gets worse as the original of the card disappears, making it from a thousand dollars card downgraded to a zero-cent mediocre piece of hard paper.

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Therefore, right now, since I’m proud to say that I’ve been a collector myself for almost 5 years, with a solid background in card collecting, I’ve prepared a couple of tips and steps for you to properly clean out and reserve your set of cards to make it as original as almost unboxed.

The Required Materials That You Must Prepare First 

There can be various sets of tools that card collectors use to clean their cards. However, the difficulty of this is to precisely pick up what’s right for the cleaning process, and in order to pull off such takes a great amount of time for tool research or an easier way to save your time, which is asking for advice from card specialists. 

I’ve got my method as well and I’ve been applying it to almost every deck that I possess, as it works every time. It’s extremely simple and doesn’t cost a single penny at all because these are the things that you can always find in your household. Feel free to take it with you if you feel like it’s what you’re looking for: 

What you need for the work to be done 

  • A little cup of water
  • Some soap 
  • Q-tips

A step-by-step explanation that would help save the day 

  • Step 1: Mix the soap and water, then wait for approximately 15 minutes until they both completely dissolve. 
  • Step 2: Slightly dip the Q-tips into the cup. But remember to pat it out onto a flat surface, or even your hand if you don’t mind, to make it a bit damp. 
  • Note: Keep the Q-tips away from the borders as it might soak the whole borders up in waters. It can be anywhere on the card, but not the borders. Remember that!!!

This has helped me clean almost every dirt on almost every card that I own, which includes handling gunk that adds up over time, the liquid that spilled on the card, and many other issues relating to unpleasant spill on your favorite or rare card. 

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Nevertheless, it’s not easy as those steps above may sound. Proper cleaning takes time to bring in the complete efficiency of the work. Hence, do a couple of drills firsthand on cards that you don’t mean to use or put into your collection. It will help you drastically in knowing what you should expect before carrying out the work, what must happen during the process, and the consequence/result if things go wrong so that you can avoid the worst scenario. As mentioned way up at the top of this post, it’s a number one priority to protect your card. 

Another Interesting Way to Clean Your TCG cards. Probably the Best Way, Period!!

But guess what, there is a much easier way to clean your TCG cards that not too many people are aware of. It doesn’t require any cleaning at all. Could you believe it? If you’re not a fan of cleaning your decks, then this is the solution to your problem. This has to be the best way ever to clean your cards because it consumes almost zero of your patience and your energy. 

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The answer is to double-sleeve your cards. Simple, isn’t it? A lot of experienced card collectors have suffered from multiple expensive mistakes. Some of those are unable to be recovered. For that reason, the best way to clean your card collection is not to clean it at all. Double-sleeve them as soon as you get them fresh out of the box. Even if the cards are either meant for collection purposes or card game battles, double-sleeving every card that you own is certainly the wisest way to protect them and keep them as fresh and original as they were since day one. 

What do you think about the methods that I use? Bear in mind that you can come up with your method of card cleaning as well, but the accurate decision and the right piece of basic knowledge are required before you can come up with some unique solutions. You can also ask for advice from card specialists in the market. It’s not hard to find them on different forums on the internet, namely Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter. Hope you have a good time and enjoy reading my experiences. Have fun collecting and have fun cleaning!!!

Create Your Own Custom Card Sleeves